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Do jet aircraft have an emergency propeller?

The DC-10 had an under-belly propeller, driven by air during flight, as a backup power source in case of total failure of the plane's hydraulic system(s). The upgrade was shown on a Discovery Channel ...
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What is the range of ratios between optimal propeller efficiency and true propeller efficiency?

My XROTOR.DOC file from October 1988 reads: <--- snip ---> ...
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static thrust vs. prop RPM data?

Let's first clear up some nomenclature about "power". Power into the system, or throttle, or rate of fuel consumption is one meaning. Power as Force × Velocity is another, also known as mV$^...
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How do propeller planes suddenly make noise?

It could simply be that the plane is passing you at a high-ish speed, at a high altitude. The plane is high up and moving fast, and it takes a second for the sound to hit you, The you hear the sound ...
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