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You seem to have exceeded the engine max. rpm by 9%, so best have your engine checked anyway... As for the lack of boost, there might be a loose connector or a crack in the pipework after the turbo.


Turbo wastegate probably stuck open.


The idle circuit is set to be richer than necessary to help the engine run better when cold. This is because you start with prime, not a choke, so there is nothing to keep the mixture extra rich for cold running once the primer fuel in the intake has been used up. If you don't set the idle mixture richer than necessary, the engine will die after running a ...


Engine are usually run slightly richer than a stoichiometric mixture, to ensure reliable running and avoid overheating the pistons and valves. When you cut off the fuel, it goes from slightly too much fuel to none - and so it's briefly at a stoichiometric ratio. The engine runs slightly faster at this ratio because it's not wasting energy heating up unburnt ...

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