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You can say "cancel radar service" (probably the most standard under ICAO), "cancel flight following," "request frequency change," or anything else that conveys the same general idea. If all else fails, plain English is always acceptable too. Regardless of which you say, ATC's response should be "radar service terminated, squawk VFR, frequency change ...


On takeoff, tower will typically tell you to contact approach as you start your climb. After you do that, and if VFR and not on flight following, you just report "Binghamton approach, Nxxxxx is clear to the east" as an example, and can add your altitude. Binghamton, NY TRSA is the nearest one I fly thru with any sort of regularity (couple times a year). ...


This is an Obstacle Departure so this is not assigned by ATC. Some obstacle departures are textual based and some have an image depiction of the departure, such as this one. Part 91 pilots are not required to follow Obstacle Departures under an IFR flight plane but it is highly encouraged. Commercial flights must follow Obstacle Departure procedures and ...


Items in parentheses on these charts are not said when referring to them by name. It's the same for other departures/arrivals that are RNAV, and for approaches that may be GPS or RNP.


It's called the "Phoenix One Departure", exactly as depicted in the title. Why do you think it would be something else?

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