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You don't need their parents explicit consent anymore then you would to give them a lift in your car, but you do need to ensure you are legally covered. As PiC you have legal responsibilities and liabilities so before you can take on the risks associated with carrying passengers you should check with whomever would be sued if they got hurt. If you are ...


There’s no FAA regulation requiring that. That being said, if your passengers are minors, their parents have the ultimate say as to what they can and cannot do. It would be wise to make sure that your friends have permission from their parents for the activity prior to taking them as passengers.


If you are asking about FAA regulations, the answer is "no, there are no regulations on this subject". I've been involved in EAA Young Eagle Rides, CAP glider encampments, etc, and if there had been any FAA regulations bearing on a requirement for obtaining parental permission before giving young people rides in aircraft, someone would have ...

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