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The general convention is that the rotating beacon is only on at night or during IMC. The airport or ATC can choose differently. It would not be the norm and probably should be pointed out to pilots approaching the airport. It would also help identify the airport if there is confusion with multiple nearby airports of similar size and structure.


All countries chart Special Use Airspace (with various classifications such as Prohibited, Restricted, Danger, Warning, Alert, etc.) designated for military training, defense or other national security purposes, along with the hours it is active (if not full time). Many national and international authorities also publish lists/maps of conflict zones and risk ...


Military operations are conducted in certain airspace blocks that should be well marked on your charts. If you are IFR your route should avoid such areas, if you are VFR, hope you know what you are doing.


So, a SNOWTAM actually has a different format, and your example is just a standard NOTAM in ICAO format. 12/057 NOTAMN Q) ZBW/QMRXX/IV/NBO/A/000/999/4221N07100W005 A) KBOS B) 1912310152 C) 2001010152 E) 09 FICON 5/5/5 100 PCT WET OBS AT 1912310152. This decodes into the following: Series and number: 12/057 Nature of the NOTAM: ...

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