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Navaid information on SID

Those are the low- and high-altitude enroute charts where you find Boston VOR. There is a PDF document called Legends & General Information that is found on the bottom of the terminal procedures ...
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Why do navaids noted in the chart supplement have a W next to them?

“Most VORs are equipped for voice transmission on the VOR frequency. VORs without voice capability are indicated by the letter “W” (without voice) included in the class designator (VORW).” I assume ...
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What are the modulation parameters of a DME?

DME principle Source. The interrogator sends a pair of pulses, the DME transponder sends back identical pulses after a fixed delay of 50 μs for X channels, 56 μs for Y channels. The interrogator is ...
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How to identify a NDB on a garmin 430W or GTN650?

I don't know anything about the GTN 650 but the 430W has no ability to receive NDB signals, so at least you won't be able to identify the navaid using that equipment.
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