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To answer the question, no. You cannot fly friends and family in a SEL aircraft if your pilot certificate says MEL. To add SEL, talk to your local FSDO about the requirements. You can certainly get it with a checkride, but there may be another option... It might be different with just a private certificate, but I was an ATP Multi engine only, and had ...


You will need to take a checkride with a DPE (or FAA inspector) to be able to be pilot-in-command in an ASEL airplane. Since your license is AMEL only that is the only category and class or aircraft you can be pilot-in-command. The answer is found in the Private Pilot ACS page A-12. You hold a AMEL rating and so you follow the AMEL column for the tasks that ...


No, you cannot. Just like an ASEL doesn't give you the ability to fly an AMEL, if you have an AMEL that doesn't give you ASEL privileges. Adding the ASEL shouldn't be that hard though, especially if you've done a majority of your training in one. You will still need to take a check ride.

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