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What is the purpose of an MRA at an intersection such as the one depicted here?

You can't identify the intersection precisely using the DRK and GCN radials because they're too nearly reciprocals of one another. With thin lines on paper, that works well, but with the actual ...
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Why are the altitudes on an RNP IAC shown on the point while for a conventional approach are parallel to the route? Is there an actual difference?

This is merely a difference between charting styles from old to new. This happens when a country changes their style which only affects newer procedures. The VOR RWY 27 was last updated in 2016: The ...
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Is the Common Route, either of a SID or a STAR, related to the Runway Transition (climb phase) or the Enroute Transition (enroute phase)?

This took some digging. There seems to be some mixing of the terms in the question, using different publications, mixing between STARS and SIDs, and maybe neglecting to read the textual route ...
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Is there a way to code Minimum Enroute Altitude using ARINC 424 file format?

It's in the Altitude/Minimum Altitude data field: 5.30 Altitude/Minimum Altitude Definition/Description: The Altitude/Minimum Altitude field indicates the reference altitude associated ...
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Is there a way to code Minimum Enroute Altitude using ARINC 424 file format?

As the name suggests, MEA is coded for enroute segments lik ethe airways (ARINC permits this). In so far as Instrument Approaches are concerned, the templates takes into account vertical clearances ...
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