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MH370 blackbox - is it still possible to retrieve data from it?

There are precedents: the flight recorders of AF447 spent two years at the bottom of the ocean, and revealed all that had happened after being retrieved. So they had survived being immersed in salty ...
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Why do all the rings of MH370's transmission locations have the same origin point?

Because the Inmarsat 3 series satellites that were used to transfer the ACARS system data are geostationary. They orbit at a speed and altitude that causes them to stay in the same location with ...
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MH370 blackbox - is it still possible to retrieve data from it?

If not, why would you still be looking for the missing aircraft and especially the blackbox, if there was nothing to find out about the reason that caused the 777 to disappear? In fact we are ...
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How unusual were MH370's final ATC exchanges?

I have not heard the actual audio in context; I've only read the transcripts. However, from the transcripts, I see the timing between some of their calls as a bit confusing and unusual. ...
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Did Malaysia flight 370 have a ELT on board?

Yes, the aircraft (9M-MRO) flying MH370 had 4 Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs) on board according to the final report: 9M-MRO had four ELTs installed. They were located as follows: One FIXED ...
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What was the reason why 9M-MRO burned more fuel on one engine?

Those engines all look the same to me. 1.5T per/hour difference does seem excessive, but probably not unheard of. It could be just because one engine is newer than the other and has less wear on it. ...
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How were MH370 debrises found in different and far locations?

The oceans tend to be fairly large. The Indian Ocean is 27 million square miles in area (70 million km2). For comparison, the US is 3.5 million, Alaska included. Searching the Indian Ocean is at least ...
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Why is MH370's location data from the Malaysian military considered reliable if the altitude data isn't?

That's just how radars work. A radar works by sending pulses of radio waves and measuring how long it takes for them to be reflected back. If you know the speed of light within air, you can then ...
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How to refute this geometrical method to find MH370?

The picture says that "If [the above facts are] true, the plane can only be at one of two green dot locations." However, it doesn't give any reasoning or evidence to support this claim. So, there's no ...
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How were MH370 debrises found in different and far locations?

If you are interested in what happened to MH370, it would probably be a good idea if you read all searches and studies that were made since it disappeared (the real ones, not the conspiracy theories, ...
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Post MH370, are there developments to improve the tracking of airliners?

No, no technology has been developed that utilize the smartphone of passengers because the airplane is at a location where it is outside the connectivity of any smartphone during the entire flight, ...
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What is the problem in the satellite data of MH370

This was explained back in 2014 when the data was released. It is consistent with a loss of power due to fuel exhaustion, followed by battery power restoring communication.
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Can the pilot stop airflow between cockpit and cabin?

fire If there is smoke in the cabin, the pilot would need to prevent the smoke from entering the cockpit. This is a bit more complex as the cockpit door by its own nature will slow the flow of ...
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How unusual were MH370's final ATC exchanges?

Please cite what (if any) ATC rules have not been followed. No ICAO recommendations were explicitly broken. Whether or not the local authorities require the pilots to read back a newly assigned radio ...
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Is it possible for a modern commercial airliner to stop being tracked without substantial mechanical failure?

The plane's position is reported by ACARS and by the transponder. MH370 lost ... ... its Mode S transponder (shortly before 17:20:33 UTC) ... ACARS (somewhere between 17:07:49 - 17:37:29 UTC) ... ...
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