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Gusts lower than the posted wind speed will never be posted on the METAR in the US. By definition per the FAA, the wind speed will be posted as a mean average. Where as the gust will be posted as the maximum wind speed during that time period. You calculate the gust factor by subtracting the mean average from the maximum wind speeds. Since the maximum of ...


WMO standard defines a gust as the maximum wind speed exceeding the "mean speed" by 5 m/s (10 knots) during the 10-minute interval. With this definition, I would never expect to see a negative gust factor. However, the FAA defines it differently (FMH-1): 5.4.3 Wind Speed. The wind speed shall be determined by averaging the speed over a 2-minute ...


I would say must be a typo, or a non-standard report. ICAO defines gust in Appendix 3,section c) as an increase of mean reported speed by 10kts or more

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