Your temperatures don't sound all that bad for breaking in cylinders, but you should go back over the baffling. The baffling is there to maintain pressure in the plenum with the help of those rubber strip seals, and to force air at high velocity between the cylinder fins as it makes its way through to the low pressure side. The baffling has to be right ...


The issue is undoubtedly vapor lock. In the fuel injected Lyc 540, the fuel injection plumbing is on the top of the engine which is the cold side of the engine when you are flying but when parked, heat rises! The following procedure runs cooler fuel through the plumbing while flooding the engine, then the flooded start procedure is necessary. First, check ...


Our mechanic had a similar issue with a Piper Cherokee where the battery would only charge intermittently. It turned out there was a bad connection at the Master Switch which ran from the Alternator/voltage regulator to the Master Switch. Most of these types of electrical issues tend to be bad wiring. I would check your wiring thoroughly.


I got the following information for this website: Also if you scroll down here you can see the model numbers that you talk about in your question. The last character seems to be an indication of the variant of the engine as shown in the document. The D indicates Dual Magnetos and the 2 or 3 seems to indicate some type of counterweight application.


No need to run the fuel pump as @Skip Miller says. (though it may say that in the Saratoga manual) I have done the following with success for hot starts on a IO-320, IO-360, and IO-540. Throttle Full Open. (Push in or forward) Mixture Full Close. (Pull out or back) Crank engine. Once it starts firing, put the mixture back in and pull the throttle back to ...


I have a 1969 PA 32 300 with 420 hours on engine, for the last 12 months it has been very hard starting after a flight. My MX shop checked the left Mag impulse coupler and coil at 360 hours all checked out okay. Still hard starting hot start. Mx did 500 hour AD on left and right Mag still hard starting hot start. Mx check the timing still hard starting. Mx ...


It's because the spider duct that connects the carb to the intake runners going to the cylinders is cast into the oil sump and the carb mounts directly to that. So the carb gets a lot of engine heat that warms the carb body by conduction. Also, it's getting radiant heat from the sump directly above. On Continentals the carb is insulated from the engine by ...


Also have the injectors checked. The symptoms you describe can occur when one of the injectors is not closing completely, causing flooding or an overly rich mixture.

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