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you're in luck, somebody did the calculation/ simulation. Mars: To see what happens to aircraft on Mars, we turn to X-Plane. X-Plane is the most advanced flight simulator in the world. The product of 20 years of obsessive labor by a hardcore aeronautics enthusiast who uses capslock a lot when talking about planes, it actually simulates the flow of air over ...


In all big air craft, the retraction cycle involves the opening and extension of many bay doors where the gear is stored. Practically it means that initially you will experience an increase in drag when the gear is retracted. We do not want this when close to ground.


I think the fundamental issue you'd face on Mars is the lack of an atmosphere. Atmospheric pressure on Mars is less than 1% of that on Earth. Most of our machines for flight on this planet rely on atmospheric pressure under the wings or rotors which wouldn't work on Mars. The other issue we'd have to overcome would be a fuel source. Petrolium based fuels ...

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