Engines which propel aircraft via "jet propulsion", i.e. by expelling high-velocity gasses (usually primarily air) through propelling nozzles.

Jet engines are engines which propel aircraft by jet propulsion, ejecting high-velocity exhaust gasses through propelling nozzles to generate thrust that moves the aircraft. In common use, the term refers specifically to airbreathing jet engines, which require a continuous supply of outside air in order to function. The most-commonly-used types of jet engine are the (including the ) and ; the and are much less common, and seen almost exclusively on and/or aircraft. Other, rarer types include the , which is unusual in that it uses pulsed (rather than continuous) combustion, and is generally only seen on unmanned aircraft, and the , a very early type of jet engine which is mainly of historical interest.

Jet engines are commonly found on transport-category airliners, as well as many corporate aircraft.

More information on jet engines can be found on Wikipedia.

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