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Can a pilot tell a controller they don't need IFR clearance?

Can a pilot tell a controller they don't need IFR clearance? This is backward, you don't tell a controller what you don't need. You request what you do want and they'll usually do their best to ...
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Can a pilot tell a controller they don't need IFR clearance?

VFR weather doesn't automatically entitle a pilot to fly VFR, and temporary IFR restrictions are a thing, usually the subject of a NOTAM. Large parts of normally VFR airspace around Paris are likely ...
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How to update the navigation database on a Garmin GPS 165 TSO?

If you check out Jeppesen's support pages, it will point you to the Jeppesen Distribution Manager (JDM) software, available for Windows, MacOS, and iPad/iPhone. You need to download and install the ...
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How to identify a NDB on a garmin 430W or GTN650?

I don't know anything about the GTN 650 but the 430W has no ability to receive NDB signals, so at least you won't be able to identify the navaid using that equipment.
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Pilot briefing strip

Simultaneous approach authorized Means that ATC can have aircraft flying approaches to both 10L and 10R at the same time. ATC will have requirements on what they have to maintain as far as ...
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Pilot briefing strip

That’s a “Not Authorized” ie a RVR may not be below 4000 for helicopters flying the approach. Simultaneous approaches authorized means that instrument approaches into runway 10L, 10C or additional ...
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Can I fly a SID/STAR if a navaid is NOTAMed inoperative, using RNAV?

This is legal in the United States, per AC 90-108. GPS can be used in lieu of NDB or DME in most cases. One of the exceptions is when the procedure is NOTAMed as not authorized. But this applies to ...
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Finding published holds information

Holding information is held as an 8260-2 form. Here is the one for MLF: As you can see, there are two holds established at this ...
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