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Should IFR flight plans in the USA still have one waypoint per sector in 2023?

This is a holdover from the old HOST computer system that was installed in all enroute air traffic control facilities (ARTCC's) in the mid-70's. The original code was written in just 16MB of RAM. All ...
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Why does the FAA allow a dual receiver check for IFR

You're correct that a dual check does not directly assess the accuracy of either of the individual systems to the true radial the aircraft is located on. However, the probability that your example of ...
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Can a modern commercial passenger flight recover from failed sensor(s)?

Generally speaking: Yes it can! (no pun intended) This is done because all critical systems are built either such that they are very, very unlikely to fail. For flight critical systems it is required ...
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Can I fly a SID/STAR if a navaid is NOTAMed inoperative, using RNAV?

This is legal in the United States, per AC 90-108. GPS can be used in lieu of NDB or DME in most cases. One of the exceptions is when the procedure is NOTAMed as not authorized. But this applies to ...
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Why was Air India flight 101 in 2018 cleared for the ILS at EWR?

Once an emergency was declared -- if I understand it correctly, by ATC and not the pilots -- the options became broad. Most ILS approaches can be flown with lateral guidance only, but the minimums ...
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Why might DTK on GPS not match depicted course on approach plate?

This is explained in the FAA AIM 1-1-6.b.5(j): Impact of Magnetic Variation on PBN Systems (1) Differences may exist between PBN systems and the charted magnetic courses on ground-based NAVAID ...
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KHAF runway 30 ODP in the works, appears to be missing a segment

Asked the FAA about this & they replied that the procedure has been redesigned since the one at the link was posted, that the old charts will be removed from the website, and that the newly ...
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