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There are only two positions in the Embraer E-Jet family. There is also a downlock release button (red) which mechanically bypasses the system protection logic. It should be used only in the event of a landing gear control lever failure or when it is necessary to clear obstacles.


Because there's no advantage to doing so (since the pumps will soon be off anyway, as the question notes), and this would create the risk that the pilot may overshoot the Off position to the Up position, which could, on a bad day, lead to an inadvertent gear retraction and major damage. The over-center locks are good, but do you really want to bet big bucks ...


Yes, Airbus aircraft used to have an OFF position (called NEUTRAL) for the landing gear lever on the A300 and A310. As Chris Lau's answer shows, this third position was removed on the A320 and all subsequent models. Note however that there is no NEUTRAL label next to the lever (where Boeing would write OFF): (4) Landing Gear Normal Lever: UP: The L/G lever ...

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