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What do these clearances by Heathrow Director mean?

Those are both very common clearances given to aircraft that are already in the hold near Heathrow. The controller is just giving instructions on how they want the aircraft to leave the hold. It means ...
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optimal loiter speed for an eVTOL air taxi

What you are looking for is the speed for minimum power required. The fundamental difference between types of eVTOL aircraft for this question is whether this particular eVTOL has wings or not. If it ...
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Are Holding Speeds Regulatory?

The regulations that cover holding patterns are covered by 14 CFR §97 Standard Instrument Procedures, specifically Subpart C-TERPS Procedures: § 97.20 General. (a) This subpart prescribes standard ...
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Are Holding Speeds Regulatory?

In the US, there are no regulatory speed limits for holding patterns, in general, only for IFR. However, keep in mind: The FARs are not the only way to prescribe regulatory mandates. People ...
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Holding with no radial specified

From FAA Order 7110.65AA: 4−6−4. HOLDING INSTRUCTIONS When issuing holding instructions, specify: a. Direction of holding from the fix/waypoint. b. Holding fix or waypoint. NOTE− The holding fix may ...
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Holding when no hold in-lieu of procedure turn present question

Can I opt to hold at LYZ instead of doing the prescribed procedure turn? You may request to hold in any manner you desire, and fly the hold however you are cleared to fly it. Just be aware that for ...
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IAF is part of the hold at an uncontrolled aerodrome. Is the racetrack procedure necessary?

#1. Yes, you must fly to the NDB directly. If you are coming from the south (inbound heading between 339 degrees and 039 degrees), you enter the procedure turn outbound. If you are inbound from any ...
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