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Is there anything important to know about flying at ~9000ft for the first time?

There's really not that much difference between flying at 3,500ft and 9,000ft, however yes there are a few things you should be aware of. The most important, as usual when operating an aircraft, is ...
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What is the max landing altitude of the Airbus A320 family?

According to the EASA (EU Aviation Safety Agency) type certification of the Airbus A320 series (which you can find here), the A320 family is certified to land at airports with an elevation of up to 14,...
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Is there anything important to know about flying at ~9000ft for the first time?

The main thing you will notice is, if the propeller is fixed pitch, you will have the throttle all the way in to maintain cruise power (9000 ft will limit you to about 65% and the engine will be wound ...
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Are there any commercial flights that require passengers to use supplemental oxygen?

It's common for skydiving flights to high altitudes. For scheduled passenger flights it's wildly uneconomical. It's much cheaper, more comfortable to passengers, and safer to fly a pressurized ...
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Irrational acrophobia-like anxiety caused by wave soaring

Your best bet would be cognitive behavioral therapy, and one thing worth trying might be exposure therapy in simulated environment, a simple pc sim with VR glasses migh be sufficient. Te thing with ...
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Are there any high altitude flying options for a private pilot?

The most cost-effective option for a private pilot to exceed 20K MSL would be to fly a sailplane (glider) at a location known for mountain wave conditions.
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