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123.300 and 123.500 MHz are recommended by FCC. FCC 87.323: The frequencies 121.950, 123.300 and 123.500 MHz are available for assignment to aviation support stations used for pilot training, coordination of lighter-than-air aircraft operations, or coordination of soaring or free ballooning activities. Applicants for 121.950 MHz must coordinate their ...


FAA in AC 90-50, allocates the related frequencies as follows: 121.950: Aviation Instructional and Support 122.750: Aircraft Air-to-Air 122.775: Aviation Instructional and Support 122.850: Special Use and Aviation Support on Non interference Basis 123.025: Helicopter Air-to-Air 123.300: Aviation Support 123.500: Aviation Support Actual use Glider schools ...


There is no dedicated frequency. Depending on where it flies, the pilot should know the local frequency and should file a flight plan. This will put a NOTAM for any other pilot flying through.

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