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When drop tanks (those with external lines) are released, how are the two connections (air and fuel) released?

From this site, alternatehistory.com, it appears that it is a simple friction fit with the rubber part of the hose and a regular hose clamp. Dropping the tank, that rubber hose and hose clamp will NOT ...
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What should I do if I get a fuel vent blockage in flight?

Cessna 172 fuel tanks are vented on the left side through a port, and the caps are also vented. The tanks are interlinked as long as the fuel selector is set to both, so a vent blockage on one side ...
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747 Fuel Drain Ports

Disclaimer: The B747-300 belongs to the B747-100/-200/-300/SP family. I have detailed knowledge of the B747-400 & -8 which differ quite a bit from the originals. That being said I would be very ...
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Understanding fuel tanks/pumps of Fighter jet

Most tactical fighter aircraft have negative and zero G time limits (on the order of approximately 10-30 seconds) reduce the risk of fuel starvation and ensure proper circulation of oil. For this ...
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