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I found a diagram from a 1978 Cessna 152 that explains the fuel system. Note the interconnected tanks. This one only has one vented cap, but because of leaking and water being trapped in rubber fuel bladders, most Cessnas have had their fuel caps replaced with Monarch caps, which are both vented. The checklist requires that you check the fuel vent for ...


It's the fuel tank vent. It prevents forming a vacuum in the gas tank as it's drained, which would prevent further fuel flow to the engine.


I do not believe the teaching in the patent is correct. Instead of the downwash from the strake suppressing the wing upwash (and remember, the other side of the vortex adds to the wing upwash!) we believe that the vortex is well organized and can withstand the adverse pressure gradient of the wing better than the 'junk' wake of the nacelle without the ...


For the Mirage III, it's a fuel tank (that also allows a camera attachment). See cutaway below (item 157). Also from Wikipedia: The Mirage IIIRS could also carry a centerline pod for conducting photo reconnaissance missions, as well as an integral fuel tank underneath the aft belly; this tank could carry a smaller fuel load, but also allowed for a rear-...


That’s a credit card reader so a passenger can purchase either premium food products or spirits or inflight entertainment items.

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