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That's the door for the video tape recorder. Referenced here, on an F-15 forum: That location changed between F-15 versions. IIRC, our F-15C/D at Soesterberg was in the cockpit.


The sine wave sign indicates an access panel for electronics. Two examples:; electronic comp. access; electrical bay access The handle shape indicates a nearby anchor point for hoisting the plane. Here's a collection: In your photo, the forward facing protruding part is a forward radar warning antenna.


10 Left AFT Fuselage AFT outflow valve Water drains, service doors, waste vents Air demand pump exhausts (2) The only non-explicit hint in the flight manual is in the exterior inspection section above; searching the manual for "air demand" yields only one other result: Sec. 6.2 Page 1 [...] Air Conditioning Packs [...] Pack output is ...


— Sakurai, Seiya, and Matthew D. Fevergeon. "Door assembly for laminar flow control system." U.S. Patent No. 8,245,976. 21 Aug. 2012. [Current Assignee: Boeing Co.] Each door is actually one door inside another, so they can open as a scoop, or an outlet (opening fore or aft). During takeoff the door scoops in air, so higher pressure is created in ...

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