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That's "caulk and tape to seal off the radar-reflective edges of access panels". Which is reportedly (I could not corroborate it) no longer used by the Block 30: An improved coating scheme, which provides an overall coating of RAM, was developed after the introduction of the Block 30. The new coating scheme not only reduces RCS, but reduces maintenance ...


At a guess, they're 'walk here' lines, to show where you can walk, with the rest of the airframe being 'don't walk'.


This particular wing shape on the Virgin Galactic artwork is definitely wrong. Given the historical context, the top-down view graphic of the Bell X-1 is used to depict the version which famously broke the sound barrier on October 14, 1947. with Capt. Chuck Yeager at the controls. This was the USAF aircraft #46-062 (nicknamed Glamorous Glennis, after Chuck ...

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