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Why does an engine fail if its FADEC fails?

Bullet 1: Because FADEC eliminates any mechanical connection between thrust lever and fuel control system. Part of the attraction is elimination of many yards of control cable or teleflex (push-pull ...
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Why do twin-engine Diamond aircraft have a single FADEC lever instead of two engine throttles?

The DA 42 and DA 62 aircraft do not have throttle levers, they have power levers. And the DA-42 and 62 have two power levers, one for each engine. See the picture of the DA-62 cockpit below. The ...
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Why did the pilot in this EC135 crash change the throttle setting after encountering wake turbulence?

It's the second sentence on the first page of the report: He inadvertently rolled the throttles to manual, and never restabilized the engines or main rotor rpm. Supplemented by (the next sentence): ...
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What's the more accepted notation used to label sensors present in turbo-jet engines?

Sensors are identified in your picture by either P or T, for pressure or temperature, and the engineering station number. Station numbering is standardized in SAE ARP 755: SAE Aerospace Recommended ...
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Are there any twin-engine turboprop airplanes with FADEC and 6 seats?

There are currently no General Aviation twin turboprop aircraft with FADEC. Turboprops have always had separate power levers and propeller condition levers. I believe the first GA turboprops with ...
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Is there a standard on-board diagnostics protocol for FADEC aviation piston engines?

OBD systems were introduced by law in the 80s to reduce / control emissions, so it originated as a method to determine fault with emissions control systems. However, it was refined enough to monitor ...
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