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Is a flight for compensation legal for a Non-stop sightseeing trip?

Yes. If you're flying their aircraft there is no rule against you being compensated and this is a legal part 91 operation. It's no different than being hired to fly someone's business jet. But you ...
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Have any regulatory exceptions been made to allow a supersonic aircraft to fly over land so that it can follow the path of a solar eclipse?

The blanket ban on supersonic flight over the US only applied to civilian aircraft. The military has the ability to design supersonic flight profiles in concert with the FAA, so the X59 idea could be ...
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Do I have to follow airways to meet the IFR cross country 250 NM flight requirement in 61.65?

It must be under IFR, so flight following is not an option. You don't have to follow airways as long as you're following a route as directed by ATC. Radar vectors, random RNAV routes, and airways are ...
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