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Unauthorized flights of military jets by mechanics have happened in the past. Some of the aircraft landed successfully after the ordeal others resulted in fatal accidents. The two successful cases which I’m aware of, the mechanics had previous flight training. We still cannot determine whether this F-16 went down as a result of inability of the pilot to ...


From the news story itself: an air force lieutenant colonel said They know how to start the motors to check them and can maybe even taxi, but they don’t have a chance after takeoff ... fighter pilot training lasts more than two years and that it is madness for untrained personnel to try flying an F-16. That suggests not suicide but sheer luck with the ...


The stall speed in a clean jet is different from one full of weapons due to the air density , weight of the aircraft or in level flight or the bank angle.So it is wise to establish margins from 140 knots to 110 knots in level flight.

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