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The minimum speed is 110 knots in level flight pattern .http://www.dailysabah.com/turkey/2017/01/25/turkish-aerobats-break-slowest-airspeed-record-in-breathtaking-show


It depends on the weight of the F-16. If weight is below afterburner thrust the F-16 can fly vertical, without having to worry about any lift that the wings are generating. At airshows it passes by straight and level with the nose pointing almost straight up. So its stall speed in that situation is Not Defined: even at speed zero there is no stall.


Source: F-16 Flight Manual (T.O. GR1F-16CJ-1) It is pressurized yes. Above you can see the schedule. Note that at high altitudes the cockpit altitude would be considered high (low pressure) and insufficient to avoid hypoxia. If the oxygen system (OBOGS) fails, the procedure is to "Descend to cockpit altitude below 10,000 feet", which is about 24,000–26,000 ...


Yes, the cockpit of the F-16 is pressurized. However, there are two types of cabin pressurization: Isobaric Pressurisation: The system maintains a constant cabin pressure (usually between 2000 and 8000 ft) as the atmospheric pressure decreases. This is used in commercial aircraft. Hypobaric Pressurisation: In such a system the pressurisation commences at a ...


Yes. Like most fighters the cockpit of an F-16 is pressurized, primarily for pilot comfort. Use of an oxygen mask is required equipment for high altitude operations and for emergency situations. The pilot has a pressure breathing on demand oxygen mask, which is required equipment for high-altitude operations.


There will still be airflow over both the body and the wings of the F-16 or any other aircraft when it flies supersonic. Moreover, the F-16 features a blended wing-body which makes it hard to strictly separate the two. The body of the aircraft produces some amount of lift. Your question seems to ask if this lift is required, at supersonic speeds in ...

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