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Why does airspeed increase with more throttle if RPM stays the same?

Yes, your assumption as stated below is correct. There's really no simpler way to explain it than that. So when there is an increase in throttle/MP and more fuel/air mixture goes to the cylinders, ...
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How do Pistons vs. Turbines fare during a Carrington event?

I don't know what would make it "uncontrollable" since the flight controls are operated by cable circuits, like a clothes line you hang your washing on, more or less. It would come down to ...
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What airfoil family does turbofan's fan blades use?

The blade shape is part of the proprietary art of jet engine design, which is a fiendishly complicated business. There are many engineering constraints and requirements which must be met for any one ...
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Why is the forward fairing of the pylon very shiny and metallic in appearance in A350?

You figured it out when you wrote the question. It's because the engine nacelles are equipped with anti-icing heaters powered by air from a compressor port, and painting those areas would be counter-...
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