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Exhaust temperature of CFM56 engines range (Nozzle downstream temp)?

The total temperature, denoted as Tt, remains constant throughout the nozzle as it performs no thermodynamic work. In the context of station numbering, the entry point of the nozzle is labeled as ...
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How big would a single propeller need to be on a 737?

As usual, we can use the simple momentum theory to quickly estimate the thrust $T$ generated by a propeller: $ T = \sqrt[3]{2 k \rho A P^2} $ where $A$ is the propeller area, $\rho$ is the density and ...
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Why do new jet engines cost billions to design?

This is a great question! You hear this kind of question a lot on different subjects. the closer you look, the more you see the answer. There are some great comments here already, so I'll just add a ...
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