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The left connection on the contactor is brought to ground on the right, BAT, side of the master switch. That allows current to flow between the center contactor terminal and the left contactor terminal.


I think two of my premises were wrong. The battery contactor is activated by connecting the left contact to ground (instead of 24 V as I thought). It works different from the starter contactor (which has a permanent ground connection). The battery master switch toggles between ground [on] and floating [off] (instead of primary bus [on] and ground [off] as I ...


If the ALT switch is not closed, but the BATT switch is closed, battery power is allowed to flow through the ALT FIELD breaker, through the Over Voltage warning light, and grounds through the Over Voltage Sensor. If both the BATT and ALT switches are closed, current flows through both the ALT switch and maintains battery voltage at both terminals of the ...


After good amount of search, I have found that the ATA 100 Link documents of A320 explain pretty well each system of a flight craft. This is a standardised set of docs that help organise data for MRO's and pilots. The only problem is that most documents are somewhere in MRO companies. But several documents were nevertheless uploaded by some guys. If you ...

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