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Don't Twist, morphing sounds torsionally flexible. Add mass to a soft spring and you get all kinds of resonances and eigenmodes. Better put the engine mass to a stiff and strong structure that can deal with its mass and forces.


The Wright brothers offset the engine to one side and the pilot to the other. The engine drove twin pusher props via bicycle chains. Outboard of that rigid centre section, control was by wing warping. Don't knock it, the plane flew on only 12 hp. But maybe you could improve on the bicycle chains. Another approach is to place the engines at the tail. In the ...


Maybe within the wing towards the root, like in the concept of the Eather One (or de Havilland Comet). Otherwise, if it's a X-57-like concept, with distributed electric propulsion, I don't see why it couldn't work. Feather-tipped wings have made their way to Airbus' Bird of Prey conceptual proposal, although I don't know if that's the kind of biomimicry you ...

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