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What are the modulation parameters of a DME?

DME principle Source. The interrogator sends a pair of pulses, the DME transponder sends back identical pulses after a fixed delay of 50 μs for X channels, 56 μs for Y channels. The interrogator is ...
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"w/o DME" minimums on DME required approach

DME is required equipment for the approach procedure, but note that the LOC DME minimums only apply to the Localizer DME functioning. The missed approach holding pattern references the VORTAC DME, ...
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How can the A320 receive 3 DME signals if it has only 2 DME receivers?

My FCOM says: Each FMGC automatically uses its five DME frequencies as follows: One DME frequency for display. It is possible to tune it manually or automatically. Two DME frequencies in DME/DME ...
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Why don't the Altitude-DME values in the approach profile match the Groundspeed-FPM values in the conversion table?

Have you ever seen a DME display show hundredths of a NM? To make the math work correctly, you will need to descend at 3.4498297885 NM on the DME. $$ \frac{2000-900}{372} X \frac{70}{60} = 3....
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