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If an Airport has only a VCOA and a SID, does the VCOA count as an ODP, and if not, does that mean you can fly a diverse departure?

Edited based on new information… I communicated with both the procedure designer for Gray AAF and with the FAA’s Flight Standards office. There are 2 answers for this question: First, the VCOA at Gray ...
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Why is the highest point value (6681') lower than the contour interval value of 7000'?

The orange area on the chart means elevation is between 5000 and 7000 ft AMSL according to the contour intervals legend. The white area is anything below 5000 ft AMSL. So the highest point of 6681' is ...
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Do departure procedure speed restrictions override airspace speed restrictions?

You should remain below 200 knots while under class B. Accelerate to 250 knots once you leave the lateral boundaries of class B or enter the class B, whichever comes first. The 91.117(b) restriction ...
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