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Why is air traffic control done manually by humans?

Having it explained to me briefly what exactly the tower does that cannot be handled by such a system would probably enlighten me somewhat. Fair warning, that's my job you're trying to replace with a ...
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How impactful could an ATC-specific speech-to-text AI model be for the aviation industry?

The difference in impact between a really, really amazingly excellent model, and a fairly good model, is worlds apart. If I don't understand what was said on the radio, I can ask the sender to "...
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Why doesn't ADS-B use satcoms like ADS-C?

ADS Broadcast and ADS Contract are intended for different purposes. They use the same type of equipment except for the link technology, which is matched to the differing intent. ADSB is intended to ...
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Why do some military aircraft carry two datalink pods?

That pic is from "the Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division (NAWCWD)" So, testing and development. Possible reasons (purely speculative): Testing capability/performance from the 2 ...
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What's the difference between ACARS and ATSU?

ATSU is a computer. It is the successor to the ACARS Management Unit (MU). ATSU is at the center of the FANS development of Airbus aircraft. ACARS, as a function, provides Aircraft-Airline ...
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Aircraft engine communication with satellite

In your question, you're mixing two things about aircraft communications: The protocol used by the satellite transceiver aboard the plane (SDU) to communicate with the its ground station (GES). It ...
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Which pilot (pilot flying, pilot monitoring) handles CPDLC (operates CPDLC interface)?

With most airlines, the PM(pilot monitoring) handles datalink communication, with confirmation from the PF(pilot flying) before executing any instructions, clearances, or changes. As with ...
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Why can't flight management systems receive instructions directly from the controller?

Because the pilot in command of the flight is responsible for the safe outcome of the flight, not air traffic control. Pilots are responsible to evaluate a clearance and accept or decline it. ...
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