Use for questions regarding specifics of any aircraft in the de Havilland Canada / Bombardier Dash 8 series (also known as the DHC-8 or Q-series).

The Dash 8 (officially the DHC-8) is a series of regional s originally built by de Havilland Canada. They are powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW100-series engines. From 1992 to 2019, the aircraft were built by , and, since then, the newly formed company De Havilland Aircraft Co. of Canada has taken over production.

Four variants have been built:

  • The Series 100 was the first variant (entering service in 1984), and has a capacity of 37 to 40 seats; unlike the later variants, no Q-version was ever offered for the Series 100. Production of the Series 100 ended in 2005 after building 299 aircraft.
  • The Series 200, introduced in 1995, has the same length and capacity as the Series 100, but the more powerful s of the Series 300 (albeit running at a slightly lower rating) - which it postdates, despite its lower version number - resulting in improved . 105 Series 200s were built before production ended in 2009.
  • The Series 300 was introduced in 1989, with a stretched cabin (along with more powerful engines to power the bigger, heavier aircraft) which increased its capacity to 50 to 56 seats. The last Series 300, #267, was delivered in 2009.
  • The Series 400 was introduced in 1999, with an even-further-stretched cabin (making it more than twice as long as the Series 100 and 200), a larger , much-more-powerful engines, and a capacity of 68 to 90 seats. 587 Series 400s have been delivered as of March 2019; the Series 400 is the only Dash 8 version still in production, with 58 unfilled orders.

Since mid-1996, an active and -cancelling system has been installed; these newer, quieter aircraft (including the later Series 200s and 300s, and all Series 400s) are known as the Q-Series (Q200, Q300, and Q400). A total of 1258 aircraft have been delivered as of March 2019.

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