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A bit more elaborated answer gathered from my comments above: First of all- what do you mean by aggressive- Shaky? fast? high pitched? If the headwind is stable- it changes the Ground speed at which the plane rotates, making it lower. After that, the aircraft climbs at the same pitch angle as always, once it transitioned to the stage of acceleration from V2....


It appears that it took the pilot about 15 mins to climb from near sea level to FL370. That's a climb rate of about 2500 feet/min, which is a pretty modest climb rate for a jet. If you're looking for fast climb rates in a transport, check out Lear 35s. If given an unrestricted climb to cruise altitude, they will often do 5000+ feet/min!


Sometimes a departing airplane will receive or be offered an accelerated climb profile from ATC which gets it up and out of the published approach and departure patterns quickly. If the pilot elects to take the profile, the resulting climb will be unusual, and spectacular. I was on a Rockwell SabreLiner departing from San Jose, Ca in a very lightly-loaded ...


Your flight took off during a storm. During a storm, the wind speed close to the surface of the earth is much lower than the wind speed a bit higher up. This variation of wind speed over a short vertical distance is called wind shear. The aircraft is taking off into the wind, so during the initial climb the headwind increases. Increasing headwind during ...

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