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When was the last collision in IMC outside controlled airspace?

In February 2020, there was a mid-air collision involving two IFR aircraft on training flights, in class G airspace in Australia. It occurred near a small airfield north of Melbourne. You can read the ...
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Can I takeoff as VFR from class G with 2sm vis. even if that's IFR in the categorical outlooks?

I think you are mixing up ceilings and cloud coverage. 14 CFR 91.155(a) says how much visibility you must have, and how far away from clouds you must be in VFR. In class G at day under 1200 feet AGL, ...
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How do IFR flights in IMC in Class G airspace not collide?

Ideally, all aircraft will be giving position reports on CTAF (which does exist for en route in some places) and will self-deconflict. Where CTAF does not exist, or if pilots choose not to use it, ...
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Victor airways that have a floor above 1200 ft AGL

Victor airway’s bottoms are higher than 1,200ft when there is class G airspace that prevents the class E from existing there.
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