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How is the VOR-A approach at KVCB meant to be flown?

IFR flying can be quite dangerous, particularly when transitioning from the airport to the enroute structure and vice-versa. This "answer" should be taken as a discussion more than a ...
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Which US airport has the lowest circling MDH?

I'm going to partially answer this question. According to TERPS Section 2-7-1(b), the minimum ROC in the circling approach OEA is 300 feet. Adjustments must be applied as specified in paragraph 3-2-2....
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How is the VOR-A approach at KVCB meant to be flown?

CFR 91.126 is a general rule that establishes the default of left turns in the VFR traffic pattern, unless right turns are specified. It is intended to provide safety and consistency in the flow of ...
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Can you explain what the 2nd caution on the LTAF VOR A chart means?

It means plainly what it says. A right turn is when you turn to the right. If you are going to make a right turn, you need to tell ATC as soon as possible that you are planning to do that. Since you ...
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What is meant by the sentence, "It relates to aircraft handling speeds and circling area development."?

"Handling speeds" relates to the speed range airplanes can use when maneuvering around the airport to land on a given runway in the circling configuration (usually gear down and partial flap)...
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A circling approach is one where you line up on one runway for the approach through the clouds, but once you break out of the clouds you circle around and land on a different runway due to winds. ...
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What's the most commonly used circling approach procedure in the US National Airspace System?

This is not information you are likely to find anywhere mostly because its not really recorded by anyone but individual pilots and there is no regulation (that I know of) to report these statistics ...
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