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Why do the ailerons on an A320 droop when the engines are shut off and the 787 ailerons dont droop when the engines are shut off?

The A320 aileron actuators have servo valves of course, which when closed indeed allow no flow through them from pressure to return. They additionally have mode valves, which do provide a direct (...
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Why did Boeing never replace the 757?

The gap happened because the 737MAX wasn’t part of the original plan. The 767 and 757 shared a type rating and a lot of common parts, and orders had dried up for both, so they didn’t have much choice ...
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Why did Boeing never replace the 757?

The 737 MAX 10 is the replacement, for now. It almost matches the 757-200 on capacity (230 vs 240) and the 757-300 on range (3300 vs 3400 nmi), while staying considerably lighter and cheaper, due to ...
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Interpreting a graph depicting airfoil technology improvement

I don't think this graph is supposed to be very quantitative, otherwise there would be a "real" scale on both axes instead of the two-ended arrows and the hatched lines would be actual ...
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