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Where on the aircraft are transponders mounted?

For civil acft like B737-800 or B777-200, where is the location of transponder? Electronic equipment is distributed at several locations known as electrical compartments, avionics bays, or other ...
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777-300ER venting something from left engine outboard side - what is it?

Well, it's not condensate water from the tail pipe, and it looks to be originating from the main cowl, so it can only be one of the Big Three fluids; fuel, engine oil, or hydraulic oil (for the ...
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What is the GE90-115b turbine power output in horsepower?

TLDR The number given for the Trent engine is only for a specific engine component and is not representative for the total output of that engine. The 110000 hp for GE90 is plausible. Full answer It is ...
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On the B737 When A and B systems are pretty much each other's back up for most things Why not for flaps?

Both systems power the flight controls, with manual reversion as a backup if both fail (except for the rudder -- that's backed up by the standby hydraulic system). The A system powers the landing gear ...
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what's the difference between an ER and an LR variant of the 777-200

The Boeing 777-200ER is an upgrade of the original -200 variant with higher fuel capacity and MTOW (maximum takeoff weight). It is otherwise quite similar to the original variant. The 777-200LR is ...
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Does a B777 have a control priority button?

No it doesn't have one - there is no need really. On the Airbus, the control movements on one side stick are not replicated on the other - therefore it's very difficult for one pilot to really be ...
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