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With positive passenger/bag matching rules, what happens to a bag that does not arrive with the passenger?

This is more a guess: Think about the rationale behind the rule. A terrorist should not be able to send a bomb on a flight while staying at home. With this rule, a terrorist is forced to sacrifice ...
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Is there any way for the baggage carrier to add some fake luggage?

The exact process varies quite a bit from airport to airport and even sometimes from terminal to terminal within an airport. But assuming a relatively modern terminal at a relatively busy airport, ...
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How is/was RFID bag handling introduced in a baggage handling system tailored to barcodes?

By printing them along with bar codes. RFID mode became operational in HK in 2005. Basically, the airport replaced the barcode only baggage tags with RFID embedded tags: Hong Kong International ...
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Why is luggage required to be loaded in containers?

Also, if the airline is feeding flights to other destinations, baggage can be pre-sorted. For example, a flight into CMB (Colombo, Sri Lanka) is commonly used as a feeder service for onward travel to ...
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Do airlines have freezers?

Parcel services use temperature regulated containers for shipping various products. Pharmaceuticals come to mind. Human organs are normally packed as independent packages, but are sometimes placed in ...
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Do airlines have freezers?

I'm not aware of any American carriers that have freezers onboard that are accessible to the crew during flight. For catering purposes, dry ice has been the accepted means of keeping food chilled ...
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