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How is wind direction reported (blowing from or blowing to)?

As far as METARs are considered, the wind direction gives the direction from which the wind is coming. From METAR definitions: Wind Direction. The direction, in tens of degrees, from which the wind ...
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How is wind direction reported (blowing from or blowing to)?

Wind numbers say where the wind is coming from. Wind 270 means that the wind is coming from the west, and blowing towards the east. If you point west (270), you will have the wind in your face as a ...
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How is wind direction reported (blowing from or blowing to)?

I always use the old saying; The North wind doth blow, and we shall have snow... Since this saying originated in England and in England it is colder to the North, we can conclude that a North wind ...
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What are the meanings of the phrases DAY, RWYCC, 6/6/6 in ATIS?

RWYCC 6/6/6 means "Runway Condition Codes" of 6 (dry) for the first, middle, and last third of the runway. RCC's, as they're also known, are a relatively new way to report the state of the ...
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Why does the ATIS say "read back all instructions"?

Due to the ongoing runway incursion epidemic, US ATC must hear every aircraft read back certain instructions, including callsign. If you don’t read them back correctly, they’re required to repeat the ...
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How to announce in an ATIS message that two parallel runways are in use?

By simply stating that both runways are in use. For example, "arriving and departing runway 16 left and 16 right."
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What are approach control's expectations regarding weather information for flights to satellite airports?

I fly out of a controlled satellite class D (KLOU, Bowman Field) below a class C (KSDF, Louisville International) so I'm fairly familiar with this scenario, at least in the way that it's handled there....
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In an ATIS broadcast, is the visibility in statute or nautical miles?

The FAA has this handy chart to decode METARs (which are the printed version of the ATIS) and TAFs. Prevailing visibility; in U.S., Statute Miles & fractions; above 6 miles in TAF Plus6SM. (...
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How to interpret ATIS ground communication

Understanding: The ATIS letter codes state which ‘version’ of the ATIS you are listening to, which can be communicated in a simple way to ensure you are up to date. The letter / version advances when ...
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What's the difference between ATIS and D-ATIS?

ATIS is traditionally a voice recording of someone reading the weather. D-ATIS is a way to deliver the information digitally so onboard equipment can interact with it. From the requirements Digital ...
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How is wind direction reported (blowing from or blowing to)?

As a pilot, you really want to know the wind direction on takeoff and landing. The reported direction will be where the wind is coming from, that is, opposite the direction the windsock is pointing. A ...
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Can D-ATIS be obtained using D-ATIS Freq. & ACARS DSP?

For a small airport without digital ATIS, the Jeppesen chart will show "ATIS" and the frequency that you tune in a VHF comm radio to hear the ATIS information that was recorded and plays ...
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Why do large U.S. airports still use an old and difficult-to-understand ATIS voice?

Because the equipment/software/license has been bought and paid for, and it isn't inoperative. No big conspiracy about it. File enough ASRS reports calling the voice a safety hazard and something ...
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Why do large U.S. airports still use an old and difficult-to-understand ATIS voice?

Probably for the same reason that many aircraft use 8086 and 80186 CPUs or carbureted engines. Getting something new tested and approved for aviation is a long, slow, expensive process because so many ...
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Who gives us transition level when it varies?

Check the country's AIP, ENR section. ATIS, ATC or FIS is a good bet otherwise but it remains a bet. In some EASA countries, you can calculate it yourself if the Transition altitude is fixed. E.g. ...
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Why does the ATIS say "read back all instructions"?

Failure to readback runway assignments and hold short instructions is still a common occurrence. Enough so that the brief moments taken by including the reminder on ATIS are nothing, when compared to ...
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