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How can I design and build an aeroplane from scratch?

Take the example of Ed Swearingen: He never went to engineering school, but spent years working with airplanes, gradually moving from handling to repair to improving them. In the end, he was a ...
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How hard is it to certify a kit aircraft if it is based on a production design like a Cessna 180?

The FAA requires all aircraft above a certain weight (>ultralight) to be certified. You can certify the design and production process so that everything that comes out of the factory has a guaranteed ...
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Is c.g rear or fore of wing leading edge?

Yes, the centre of gravity can coincide with the aerodynamic centre of the main wing, particularly because that point is rather unremarkable. For stability, the centre of gravity needs to be ahead of ...
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Is c.g rear or fore of wing leading edge?

For longitudinal stability in a conventional wing-and-tail layout, the CG needs to be ahead of the wing's AC. This causes a nose-down moment that is countered by downward lift at the stabilizer, so ...
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How to modify an amateur kit build with wing hard points

You will most likely need a Supplemental Type Certificate from EASA According to their FAQ, emphasis mine: My aircraft has been modified in the USA by Form 337 action. Can EASA accept this? ...
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