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This is a quite old post but I found the same equation on a few days ago and I asked myself the same question: where does that formula come from? It looks like it can indeed be derived from equation (33a). For simplicity, I rewrote it with $H_b=0$ and $\frac{R}{M}=R_s$ as: $$P = P_0\left(\frac{T_0}{T_0+LH}\right)^{\frac{g}{R_sL}}\tag{1}$$ The ...


Here are two of the recent statements from the FAA the earlier of which states In 2018, the Air Line Pilots Association raised concerns to the FCC. and goes on to link this statement which references this study and ultimately their concerns were about interference with radio altimeters, with which many aircraft may be equipped. The concern was summed up ...


No aircraft are susceptible to 5G interference of any kind. Radar altimeters are not aircraft, they are instruments.

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