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@DeltaLima Help me out please. This formula is not working. couldn't resolve this, can you please give numeric example. I solved it by hand it is not working. unfortunately I could not put up an image here. What is solved putting as an answer, as I can upload as an image in the answer.


All this calculated stuff is impressive. I just figure the air density at 80.000 is less dense and it doesn't have enough pressure to force the airspeed indicate up. Being it takes air pressure in the pet tube to cause the airspeed indicator gauge to go up in numbers. Even though it's only shows 200 knots, it's speed over the ground is much faster. So I'm ...


This is an addendum to @Peter's accepted answer, which is the correct answer as far as the B737 is concerned. Crossover speed is not an industry standard nomenclature. I suspect this term as it's defined here is restricted to the B737 program. Not every aircraft has a "crossover speed" in its current definition. 1. B737 with single rudder PCU As noted in ...

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