Airports are facilities where aircraft usually take off and land

An airport is any facility in a specific location where aircraft take off and land. That includes helipads and seaplane bases, but not aircraft carriers (which have no fixed position). The exact terminology used for airports may be different in different countries. General aviation airports and private runways are sometimes referred to as airfields or airstrips, and military airports are often called air bases.

Airports vary widely in size from large international commercial hubs with multiple runways to smaller general aviation airfields and private grass strips. Airports can provide many different facilities for passengers and aircraft depending on their size, e.g. passenger terminals, refueling, maintenance, ground transport links, hangars etc.

Use this tag for all questions about how aircraft operate in and around airports, and for questions about airport operations. You may be referred to Travel Stack Exchange if you ask about something related to business practices or non-aviation activities.

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