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Why are taxiway and runway centerline lights off center?

The painted line and the lights do not align for a very practical reason: it would be a major pain in the behind to paint over the lights, as each one of them would need to be masked for the painting, ...
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Do we have orange runway markings?

Do we have orange runway markings? Yes. We do, apparently. Longer answer: I didn't expect aviation.stackexchange would be similar to geoguessr, but this appears to be New Chitose Airport in Japan. ...
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What are these blue lines around the runway at the airport chart that I marked with red line?

They are in fact waterways: irrigation ditches or channels. The Jeppesen airport chart legend lists them as 32 — Ditches in the vicinity of the airport are depicted. For example, looking at a Google ...
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When does taxiing become taking off?

From my comments above, I suppose the real difference is intent. If you’re moving forward at high speed with the intention of reaching decision/rotation speeds, thence raise the nose and lift off the ...
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When does taxiing become taking off?

While it isn't directly applicable, the US Navy broadly categorizes mishaps into "flight" and "ground". A flight mishap may occur even if an aircraft never actually leaves the ...
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Do we have orange runway markings?

White runway markings that turn orange are affected by a contaminant in the aggregate of the asphalt. There are modifications that can be made to the paint to resist the rust-staining. A study by ...
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Holding position marking/signs

Since the ORD airport runway in question is 22L/4R the "Ladder" type are the ILS critical area hold lines (to prevent interference with the ILS signal) for 28C and 28R (it's hard to ...
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Runway distance remaining signs outside of USA and/or in meters?

There is no ICAO standard for runway distance remaining. Some nations have their own standards: for instance, Germany has a sign reading "½" in black on a yellow background at the halfway ...
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What is this black star symbol in the picture below? If it means a hazard with no altitude information, what kind of hazard is that?

That's the airport beacon light.
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