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Why are taxiway and runway centerline lights off center?

The painted line and the lights do not align for a very practical reason: it would be a major pain in the behind to paint over the lights, as each one of them would need to be masked for the painting, ...
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There is a difference in the runway lighting systems symbolized in the planview and the lighting system specified in additional runway information?

HIALS stand for High Intensity Approach Lighting System. (as opposed to MIALS for Medium Intensity...) HIALS is a broad category of different approach lighting configurations, (all high intensity) ...
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What are the names by which runways are classified according to the configuration of the placement of the approach lighting systems?

Here's the reference material for US airports. I suspect from your airport diagram that you may not be referring to US: Figure from the US AIM (Aeronautical Information Manual), located online here. ...
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What does MALSR stands for in an IFR chart?

MALSR stands for "Medium Intensity Approach Light System with Runway Alignment Indicator Lights (MALSR)." It's a specific type of Visual Guidance Lightning System (VGLS) for a runway. You ...
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Does the fact that the TDZ is not written for runway 22 means there are touchdown zone lights only for runway 04?

According to the Jeppensen Airport Chart Legend (p. 3) all operational runway lighting are listed. So I assume RWY 22 has no, at least active, TDZ lighting.
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