Questions about the planning and design of airports: both the manoeuvring area itself, and the services and passenger facilities.

Airport design as a discipline is a branch of engineering. It covers the mechanical and structural design of the special-purpose structures (weight-bearing runway and taxiway surfaces, hangars, baggage handling equipment), the architecture of all the buildings, the transport planning to deal with land-based traffic to and from the airport, amongst other things. This tag can be used even more widely than just for engineering questions: questions about passenger movements, commercial aspects of airport layout and siting, safety aspects of the air-side design, and other topics to do with how airports are designed and problems in airport design, are all welcome.

Please remember that this site is for aviation enthusiasts and professionals. Questions about airports written from the point of view of a passenger (e.g. "where do I go if my luggage gets lost") should be directed to Travel instead. Questions about human-factors aspects such as signage might be more relevant on User Experience if the answer is not aviation-specific.