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How large do wings have to be to create lift?

For an aircraft to get off the ground, lift needs to be higher than the weight of the aircraft. The equation for calculating the lift is $L = C_L \frac{\rho v^2}{2}A$ which shows you that lift does ...
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How large do wings have to be to create lift?

Technically, every surface that moves in a fluid creates lift. Lift is a force, and is just the result of all the aerodynamic forces created by individual fluid molecules hitting and bouncing off of a ...
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How do I get rid of this weird line along the x-axis when importing an airfoil into XFLR5?

You most likely are importing the points with the wrong order. Usually programs are looking for points to start at the TE and go clockwise along the lower surface to the LE and then back to the TE ...
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