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In addition to the articles listed above, you must first seek out an Approved (SAP) substance abuse professional to administer “treatment/punishment” then submit to supervised drug screens for a determined period of time thereafter, which is decided based on individual case stipulations and risk factors of repeated offenses until the time period determined ...


When doing the validation e.g. in France you will get a validation from an EASA member which enables you to fly an EASA registered plane world-wide. EASA includes registered planes from Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania ...


No, FSDO's do not issue the plastic cards. Your only option is to wait. Processing time takes quite a while. For example, it is November 13 and the FAA is currently processing applications that were submitted on October 3. The process to actually receive your plastic license can take from 30 days (unlikely) to over 3 months. I think on average the time ...


No, sorry. They don’t have the device at the FSDO that would produce a plastic card. If you want to see the page that shows what date they are currently processing for, click here. Unfortunately it’s typically around 6-8 weeks.

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