An airliner is a large, commercial aircraft operated by an airline for transporting people and/or cargo.

There's no formal, precise definition of an "airliner" but it's usually understood to mean any large aircraft used by a scheduled airline to carry s and/or .

An airliner is identified mainly by size: few people would call a Cessna Caravan an airliner, even though it's used in scheduled airline services in various parts of the world. (A couple of things many people would call a Caravan would be an air taxi or commuter plane, things that these small aircraft are quite good at.) Airliners may have any type of engine: smaller, shorter-range airliners generally use -powered (or, occasionally, -powered) s, while large, fast, long-range airliners almost always use s (nowadays, this means a , although the first jetliners used engines instead), and are called jetliners as a result.

Use this tag for general questions about aircraft used for commercial airline operations, but if the question is about a specific make or model of aircraft, then it's better to use a more specific tag; e.g., or .

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