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I have two keychains both with pieces of fuselage from Virgin Atlantic 747-400's. One is 1.6mm thick and the other is 2.8mm thick!


One area where geodesic airframes have seen a recent resurgence, is 3-d-printed model airplanes. I've seen an example where the fuselage and wings and tail surfaces were all of open geodesic construction, similar to the well-known Vickers "Wellington". The model was covered by a heat-shrunk plastic film such as Monokote. Here's a website featuring ...


As other answers already note, the major attraction of geodetic framing was to provide a lighter and stronger structure than internal framing, with the not inconsiderable bonus of leaving much more internal space for fuel and payload. The geodetic frame could directly carry a fabric skin in a streamlined shape, instead of requiring the addition of (heavy) ...

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