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What does the "EMERG BATT switch" and the associated phrase "(if starting battery installed)" mean?

While I have not worked on this type of aircraft, I believe that it has 2 separate batteries. One battery is used just for the starters. The second battery supplies power to the various aircraft ...
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Why is my WAAS equipped aircraft telling me to descend sooner than the FAF (KDVT 25L LPV)

The G1000 is correct. Just like you would on an ILS, once you have intercepted the glidepath you should follow it down. The altitude restriction at FEGEV (the final approach fix) and the stepdown ...
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Longitudinal/Lateral CG envelope for hoist operations

The dynamics of an aircraft with something dangling from a single long line have little in common with an aircraft with the same object attached below the aircraft by a completely rigid (long) rod or ...
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Longitudinal/Lateral CG envelope for hoist operations

Presuming that the winch is in a fixed location, (not on a track that allows it to move fore and aft or sideways) the longitudinal and lateral center of gravity of the helicopter would not change as ...
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